No-No Food List

The crust of the pizza is the best part and the place where the bent wires start.

Hard rolls & pretzels & bagels & bones knock off brackets and wires so leave them alone.

Doritos & Tacos and all the rest will form a hard ball…Make your braces a mess.

Popcorn and movies are fun for all but kernels cause pain that is no fun at all.

Corn on the cob is a real summer treat but breaking your braces will be a common feat.

Nuts are always very good too but we’ll have to say no nuts to you.

Beef jerky and Slim Jims are fun to eat, but for wrecking your braces they’re hard to beat.

Ribs & meat that are on the bone…The kind of foods you should leave alone.

Raw carrots and rabbits go together well but the damage they cause is easy to tell.

Suckers are always a sweet delight but damage your braces if you ever bite.

Carmel candy, Ju-Ju Beans & all sticky gums are a gooey mess and lots of fun but they pull of the brackets and feed your bacteria, so my good friend, don’t let them near ya.

Pens and Pencils are food for thought but keep them out of your mouth as we were all taught.

Ice…is nice in the heat we all know, but destroys all your braces a thousand times no!


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